Breast Reduction

Contents :

  • What Is Breast Reduction Surgery?
  • Why Choose Iran For Breast Reduction?
  • Why Choose MedTourIran?
  • Breast Reduction Risks
  • Breast Reduction Preparations
  • Recovery From Breast Reduction Surgery
  • Non-Surgical Breast Reduction Surgery
  • Breast Reduction Surgery Costs

What is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery or reduction mammoplasty is a procedure aimed to reduce the size of the breasts by removing excess fat, tissue, and skin. Sometimes, extremely large breasts will cause women to lose confidence and even cause neck and back pain and other physical symptoms. These factors may be why some consider Breast reduction surgery. Even men suffering from gynecomastia can get this surgery. So Breast reduction surgery isn’t just a cosmetic surgery and can have medical purposes as well. To get the most out of a Breast reduction surgery, and have a natural outcome, your BMI must not be higher than 35. Breast reduction surgery usually includes a Breast Lift too.

Why Choose Iran for Breast Reduction Surgery?

You may wonder if it’s reasonable to travel to another country for plastic surgery? It only makes sense if the surgery is performed with the same quality but at a lower price. The surgeons in Iran are well educated, highly experienced, and the success rate of plastic surgeries in Iran is very high. Because not only Iran has very top surgeons but also modern clinic and hospitals. Due to economic factors, the costs of surgeries in Iran are more affordable and lower than other countries such as the UK, USA, Mexico, and Canada. The rich culture of Iran, its history, hospitable people, and excellent cuisine also make Iran an excellent tourism destination. So, Iran is one of the best choices for medical tourism.

Why Choose MedTourIran?

MedTourIran has been established in Iran as the biggest center offering medical, surgery, and cosmetic services. This company provides high-quality services at affordable prices using qualified medical experts, advanced clinics, and hospitals. Our main goal is to prevent dealers who despite receiving high rates, link people to unreliable and incompetent centers. 

Breast Reduction Surgery Risks

As with any other major surgery, Breast reduction also carries risks such as:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Anesthesia risks
  • Bruising or scarring
  • Difficulty or not being able to breastfeed
  • Asymmetrical breast

Breast Reduction Surgery Preparations

Before having Breast reduction surgery, there are a few things you must do:

  • Your surgeon will evaluate your overall health and medical history
  • Your surgeon will also walk you through the procedure and discuss the risks and the benefits of breast reduction
  • Your breast will be examined, measured, and photographed for medical record

Before Breast reduction surgery, you should stop smoking and avoid taking aspirin because it may increase bleeding. You may be asked to take various lab tests. If you are not staying at the hospital, you should arrange for someone to take you home and stay with you for at least one night.

Recovery from Breast Reduction Surgery

After the surgery, your surgeon will cover your breasts with bandages, and prescribe painkillers and antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection. For the first few days, your breasts will probably feel sensitive and might swell and bruise. It usually takes about 2-6 weeks to recover from Breast reduction surgery, and you need to limit your physical activity for the first 2-4 weeks. You should rest as much as possible, watch TV or read a good book. The scars will fade over time but won’t completely disappear. You may experience some temporary side effects during the first few months like numbness.

Non-Surgical Breast Reduction Surgery

You can reduce the size of your breasts by one or two cup sizes using Power-Assisted Liposuction (PAL). This approach is less invasive and safer than surgery and can be very helpful. Non-surgical Breast Reduction is usually performed under general anesthesia. This approach can make your breast smaller and lighter without changing their natural shape, and most patients can return to their daily activities the following day.


Breast Reduction Surgery Costs

The price of Breast reduction in Iran starts from $800, but this surgery’s price in India starts from $2500. Breast reduction surgery averagely costs around $3700, $5600, and $8100 in Turkey, USA, and the UK, respectively. Also, the costs range from about $1570 in Bulgaria to $5000 in Spain. Considering the prices and the quality of the services offered in Iran, this country can be the best option for this surgery and medical tourism in general.

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