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About tehran:

Tehran is the capital and most populated city of Iran. Tehran is one of the most important tourism cities in Iran. The Azadi Tower and The Milad Tower are two symbols of Tehran. Agha Mohammad Khan of the Qajar dynasty was the first one to choose this city as the capital of Iran. Some of the famous landmarks of this city are:

  • The Azadi Tower: This tower was built by Mohammad Reza Shah’s command in 1971.
  • The Milad Tower: This tower was built in 2006 and is the world’s sixth-tallest self-supporting tower.
  • The Tabiat Bridge: The Tabiat Bridge is a unique model in the middle east and is the biggest non-vehicular traffic bridge in Iran. This bridge is an eco-friendly structure and connects Taleqani and Ab-o-Atash parks.

Clinics and Hospitals in Tehran

Tehran is the most modern city of Iran, and many advanced clinic and hospitals are located in this city. These medical centers include:

  • Basir Eye Center: With more than two decades of experience in diagnosis, treatment, and performing specialized eye surgeries, Basir Eye Center is one of the best in its field. This center uses the most up to date equipment in ophthalmology and offers high-quality services at affordable prices.
  • Behsima Beauty Clinic: Behsima Beauty Clinic is one of the most equipped centers of Iran, focusing on skin conditions and hair loss. To keep their services suitable and high quality, this center only collaborates with renowned doctors, and experienced, and well-educated dermatologists.
  • Erfan Hospital
  • Iran Novin Clinic
  • Mahan orthopedic clinic
  • Negah Eye Center
  • Moheb Mehr Hospital
  • Bahman Hospital
  • Shahid Rajaee Heart Hospital
  • Avicenna Fertility Center

Attractions of Tehran

There are many mansions and palaces in Tehran which date back to the Qajar and the Safavid period. Also, you can find many old and historical schools and churches in this city. Here are some of the attractions you can visit during your stay in Tehran:

  • Golestan Palace: Golestan palace dates back to the Safavid period but was more important during Agha Mohammad Khan’s era. When Agha Mohammad Khan chose Tehran as his capital, Golestan palace became the official residence of the Qajar dynasty. This palace was used for formal royal receptions during the Pahlavi era such as the coronation of Reza Shah and Mohammad Reza Shah. The Marble Throne, Karim Khani Nook, Mirror Hall, Diamond Hall are some of the structures in Golestan palace complex.
  • Sa’dabad Complex: This complex dates back to the Qajar period. Reza Shah Lived there in the 1920s, and his son (Mohammad Reza Shah) moved there in the 1970s. After the revolution, the complex became a public museum. The Office of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran is currently using some parts of the complex. Sa’dabad complex includes 18 different palaces and structures.
  • Niavaran Complex: This complex contains several buildings and monuments that date back to the Qajar and Pahlavi eras. There is a private library in this historical complex which consists of 23,000 books. The Niavaran complex also includes The Saheb Qaranie, Ahmad Shahi Pavilion, and The Niavaran mansion.
  • Eram Amusement Park: Eram amusement park is the largest theme park in Iran, and it is located on the Tehran-Karaj freeway. This park covers an area of 70 hectares and consists of more than 120 devices, a zoo, a lake, and various restaurants and cafes.
  • Mellat Park: This park is one of the largest green spaces in Iran, and it is located north of Tehran. One of the first musical fountains in Tehran is in this park. Mellat park also includes playgrounds, cafes, snack bars, and a Cineplex.
  • Chitgar Lake: Chitgar lake (also known as the Lake of the Martyrs of the Persian Gulf) is an artificial lake located north of Chitgar park. This complex covers a total area of 250 hectares (the Lake itself covers 130 hectares). The Lake also has a stony shore so you can walk there bare-footed and enjoy the lovely weather and view.
  • Tehran Grand Bazaar: Tehran Grand Bazaar is an old and historical bazaar in Tehran. It consists of several long corridors (some over 10 kilometers), and each corridor contains different types of goods like clothing, carpets, jewelry, etc.
  • Tochal Complex: Located north of Tehran, Tochal complex consists of many sports and recreational facilities. Tochal Telecabin is 7500 meters long and is one of the world’s longest gondola lift lines. It is used to access ski resorts and other centers on the mountain. The lift has four stations, and the last station, which is known as ‘station 7’ is at 3470m. This station is in the middle of the Tochal ski slope.

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