Male Fertility

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  • What Is Male Infertility? 


  • Infertility Symptoms


  • Common Causes Of Male Infertility


  • Infertility Treatment 


  • Male Reproductive System


  • Male Fertility Dos And Don’ts


  • Why Iran? 

What is Male Infertility?

Male infertility is commonly referred to as the inability of a man to make a woman get pregnant. Male infertility happens when a couple are unable to conceive after experiencing sexual intercourse. It is generally believed that infertility appears in one out of every six couples. But what causes male infertility? One possible cause of male infertility is varicoceles, having swollen veins in your scrotum. When you have varicoceles, your doctor might recommend surgery to improve the quality of your sperm.  

Infertility Symptoms

  • By and large, not being able to get a woman pregnant is the most common symptom in Male Infertility.  However, a whole host of factors could be linked to male infertility, including changes in sexual desire, testicle pain and swelling, problems maintaining erection, issues with ejaculation, small and firm testicles, etc. If you have one of the above symptoms, you might be diagnosed with infertility. But don’t panic, you’re not alone. Recent medical investigation is making advances in this field. So pick up your phone and make an appointment with your doctor and don’t lose your hope, you’re still have a chance to conceive.   

Common Causes of Male Infertility

Infertility in male is unfortunately overlooked these days because most people point the finger at the women and they fall victim to this false belief. However, that’s not true. Thanks to the recent medical advances in this field, infertility issues are almost the same in male and female. That is to say that if fertility issues in female is roughly 30%, the same is accountable for male and the remaining 40% of issues are due to other factors. In general, male infertility is associated with the quality and the quantity of the male sperm and ejaculation disorders and lifestyle choice.  Here we refer to some of the common issues leading to male infertility: 

  • Azoospermia:in this medical condition, a man semen lacks sperm. Approximately, 1% of men and about 10%-15% of infertile men have this disorder.
  • Poor production of sex hormones
  • Genetic(inherited) disorder
  • Defect in the structure or functioning of the testicles 
  • Problems with ejaculation

Infertility Treatment

One cannot definitely determine the exact cause of infertility. However, a fruitful treatment might be recommended that enhance the chance of conception. One possible treatment is assisted reproductive technologies that include: 

  • Surgery: Surgery treatment to improve male infertility is done when the tubes inside the male reproductive system are blocked because of injuries or vasectomies.  This treatment aims at removing the blockage and repairing the tubes.
  • Hormone therapy: Gonadotropins, released by pituitary gland inside the brain, makes the testicles produce sperm and insufficient level of Gonadotropins could lead to male infertility. In this case one possible treatment is taking medications that increase sperm production. 
  • In Virto Fertilization (IVF): Commonly referred to as IVF, this process is one of the most effective forms of assisted reproductive technology. During this process, mature eggs are retrieved from ovaries and fertilized in a lab then, the fertilized eggs are transferred to a uterus. This procedure is time-consuming and could take about three weeks. 
  • Intra- Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI): In some cases, the sperm fails to penetrate the outer layer to get inside the egg (cytoplasm) because the egg’s outer layer might be too thick to penetrate. In this case, ICSI is needed to help fertilize the egg by directly injecting a single sperm inside the cytoplasm. 

Male Reproductive System

The male reproductive system is responsible for the process of human reproduction and consists of a number of sexual organs which are the penis, the scrotum, and the testicles. A male reproductive system, unlike female, is located outside of the body and functions to produce sperm, discharge it into the female reproductive tract and to produce and secrete male sex hormones. 

Male fertility Dos and don’ts

  • Don’t smoke; This is necessary for both men and women because it increases the risk of infertility.
  • Don’t drink alcohol; The reason? Drinking alcohol has a significant effect on pregnancy in that it increases infertility by 30 percent and if your partner is drinking as well, this doubles the percentage.
  • Don’t blame yourself; This phenomenon is very common these days, so don’t worry you’re not alone. Furthermore, it can be caused by both male and female. So, stop blaming yourself over something that’s out of your control. 
  • See a specialist; Arranging an appointment with a physician could be of great help. The sooner you see a doctor, the more likely you are to get pregnant.
  • Have frequent sex; Having sex around the time of ovulation, has a direct impact on fertility.  You should have sex twice a week to keep your sperm in tip-top shape.
  • Keep a healthy diet and regular exercise; If you are over or underweight, you might be suffering from lower sperm count, so be in shape. Eat nutrient food such as nuts, eggs, fish, seeds and avoid sugar and inflammatory foods.

Why Iran?

Not being able to conceive a child can be very stressing for most of the young couple.  Advances in the medical fields in the world and particularly in Iran, make it possible to find a solution and coupe with male infertility.  Fortunately, Iran has made a huge advance in providing a treatment for male infertility. In fact, Infertility dosen’t depend on which partner is infertile and the treatment is carried out for both man and woman. In Iran infertility treatment is dealt with by two ways, namely traditional and modern medicine. 

The traditional treatment is largely dependent on herbal remedies. This treatment is time-consuming and if the couple doesn’t take the medicine regularly, they’re not likely to get a positive result.  The modern treatment is basically based on new techniques and devices. As mentioned above, Iran has made advances in male infertility treatment. Approximately, 5000 babies were born in Iran as a result of this advances. Yazd Institute for Reproductive Sciences for both male and female infertility treatment, for example, is making considerable progress in this field. In this institute there are a number of specialized surgeons and equipment for treating infertility that attracted both Iranians and people from other countries.     


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